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TDS meter designed to test the quality of liquids such as drinking water, aquariums, pools, spas, well water, etc. indoors or on vacation, which can ensure water safety in everyday life. TDS meter gives high-quality accuracy of PH of water. The numbers of the pH meter range from 1.00 to 14.00, while the numbers of the digital EC and TDS meter range from 0 to 19990 ppm. And this LCD conductivity meter has an accuracy of 0.1 ℃. Immerse the article in the liquid for about 4 seconds, and then you will know the liquid quality through the numerical values.

The digital TDS meter can calibrate itself automatically. You can press the CAL keyboard many times to get exact values. And if the value of the TDS measuring device stabilizes in 4 seconds, the value is automatically blocked. You can also press the hold keyboard to write down the number. With this function, you can know the result of the water quality faster and more accurately, thanks to the pH value measuring device and TDS and EC measuring device.

Can you know the water quality, accuracy and speed in a few seconds? Yes you can easily measure water quality with TDS meter. Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) measures 0-80 degrees to ensure accurate measurements at different temperatures. TDS meter has sensitive electrode sensors and high-quality titanium probes for reading the water quality. PH meter: The resolution is 0.01 pH with an accuracy of ± 0.01 ph.

Compared to conventional screens, this water quality tester (TDS meter) is equipped with a backlit LED display to save energy, and a pH meter with automatic calibration automatically detects the standard buffer solution. A screwdriver that is easy to understand is not required for calibration.

TDS meter is a measuring device for testing water quality and pH value are suitable for drinking water testing, a very convenient and simple product for pH testing various liquids. It is also an excellent tool for a variety of applications: aquariums, swimming pools, fishing, spas, laboratories, chemical industry, hydroponics, agriculture, etc.

Three packs of pH buffer powder with button lithium battery Easy to use, ready to travel, calibrated with quasi powder, more precisely than test strips. Simply dip the TDS meter into the solution for a few seconds to see the water quality quickly and accurately.

Key Features of TDS meter

  • Test Pen TDS meter Water Quality Measure the purity of the water quality in your home and let yourself and your family drink the healthy water.
  • Whole machine waterproof design, low energy consumption.
  • The rule takes into account the TDS meter value below 600 to be useful with this pen. It can check the TDS of the water in the house at any time.
  • Open the cover of TDS meter and put the end of the spring in the water. Click, you will know the TDS of the water in your home.
  • Low power consumption and automatic shutdown
  • Can measure water from T 0–80 ° C
  • IPX6 level waterproof designBuy from here

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