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The smart outdoor security cameras in the test not only warn of burglaries, but they also help identify the thieves. In order to compare the surveillance of smart outdoor cameras better, we focused on outdoor cameras that can be controlled via an app and offer Wi-Fi. First of all, think about whether a power connection is within reach at the desired location or whether an extension cable can be laid. Otherwise, the exclusion process is used to select a wireless surveillance camera that many manufacturers now have on offer.

The night vision of the smart outdoor camera as clear as day vision. The built-in IR LEDs achieve excellent night vision up to 30 m (98 feet) thanks to the improved IR lighting and professional image processing algorithm. The smart outdoor camera is 87.5 ° wide-angle lens. The 1080P Full HD glass optics ensures razor-sharp images and videos even in the dark. The built-in 3.6 mm lens offers a larger view, so you don’t miss even the smallest details. Compared to H.264, innovative H.265 compression reduces the consumption of network bandwidth and storage space by up to 50% without sacrificing video quality. Images and videos can be stored on a micro SD card (up to 128GB), saving the cost of a cloud storage subscription. However, if you want the flexibility and convenience of a cloud service, with Bullet Lite, we also offer you our encrypted cloud storage service. You can also use the NVR to save recordings.


  • The smart outdoor camera/ webcam support 360-degree horizontal rotation, vertical step 90 degree precision stepper motor drive, stable operation, accurate positioning, and wide monitoring angle. The camera can move with the control of the area that is very smart, the operation is very simple; it can protect your family’s safety 24 hours a day!
  • High-performance 2-megapixel chip with 1 / 2.8-inch resolution for high-quality and vivid images in HD resolution. Support of dual-stream compression technology. ONVIF protocol support, autofocus, and automatic white balance, up to 30 xs zoom, automatic rotation speed adjustment, very clear, 30x automatic optical zoom so you can see every sensitive picture!
  • The smart outdoor camera /webcam is equipped with 6 high-performance point matrix infrared lamps, 2 lights, and a night vision distance of up to 120 meters. When night falls, you can turn on night mode, which can help you in the night. Monitor a wider field of view and ensure a clear vision.
  • The camera has a complete metal housing for better heat dissipation, wears resistance and durability, and is extremely rainproof. It differs from conventional plastic housing. This metal case is harder and better. It is easy to destroy and has excellent rain resistance. Normal rain does not cause any damage!
  • The smart outdoor camera has 8 cruise paths, each with 16 preset points. You can adjust it freely. It will cruise depending on the trajectory you set. It is very convenient to use, brilliant and user-friendly, quality the material, low price, we will be happy to take it with you, and we promise that you will not regret it because it can help you resolve the security concerns!

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