Electric Nail Grinder

Smart Electric Nail Grinder

Beautiful fingernails and neat feet are eye-catching and important for an attractive and well-groomed appearance, with smart electric nail grinder device for perfect care results even with brittle nails, calluses, or calluses. The smart electric nail grinder is often also referred to as an electronic nail file, nail cutter, or file handler. With the right attachments, the smart electric nail grinder is ideal for both manicure (shortening fingernails, etc.) and pedicure (removal of corneas, etc.). Here are some tips and offers on nail cutters. With strong power, the smart electric nail grinder has a maximum speed of 25000mp. Smart electric nail grinder is 54W power, quick-drying nail glue. It is suitable for professional use.

Professional, smart electric nail grinder is the latest design of a nail machine, which is a multi functional nail machine that combines nail photo therapy, nail polishing, vacuuming, lighting, and charging mobile phones. It is multi functional, fully functional, and easy to use. The hand piece should not be too big, ergonomic, and not too heavy. A continuously adjustable speed simplifies the work enormously. Battery-powered nail cutters come in handy when traveling. For the professional sector, there are also nail cutters with an integrated dust extraction device. And if you want to change the revolutions more comfortable when working with the milling cutter, the foot pedal is an ideal accessory. The electric nail cutter has a step-less speed setting from 2000 to 3500 rpm; our grinding head has a super locking force for Can meet your different nail needs. Comfortable handling of clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Low noise and low vibration for particularly quiet and long-lasting operation.

Salient Features

Infrared sensor: The smart electric nail grinder is smart and easy to use – auto sensor and 30s / 60s / 90s timer to show curing time and more. You can accord the DIY requirements and gel polish requirements.

About the smart electric nail grinder: Powerful nail art drill, the electronic nail file has a maximum speed of 25000 rpm, with which you can design your nails with salon effect. Multi functional for cutting, carving, polishing, grinding dead skin, nail, manicure, or pedicure for all your nail manicure. Pedicure needs at home or in the nail salon.

Professional manicure and pedicure device: The multi functional smart electric nail grinder for grinding, shaping, polishing, removing gel, and cornea. The smart electric nail grinder contains a built-in battery. You don’t need to connect a USB to use it, easy, comfortable, and portable, anytime, anywhere! Yes – also ideal when traveling. You will love it!


  1. Smart Electric Nail Grinder can be used as a nail dryer, vacuum cleaner, and nail file.
  2. With strong force, the electric nail file has a maximum speed of 25000mp.
  3. Three powerful fans that collect dust when filing or polishing the nails.
  4. 3 in 1 design, very convenient to use.
  5. Suitable for professional salon use.
  6. Multi functional design, it can heal nail polish, polish, absorb dust, light, and charge cell phone.

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