smart electric blanket

Smart Electric Blanket

With the Dream catcher Premium Cotton Xiaomi electric blanket, can leave the cold outside. With heat settings, a timer with automatic switch-off, quick heating, and an additional foot warmth setting and a comprehensive security system. The Xiaomi Smart Electric Blanket has the right function, no matter how cold it comes outside, without taking care of the fire protection. All electric blankets are equipped with our overheating protection.

The Xiaomi smart electric blanket also serves as mattress protection made of cotton, which keeps you warm in winter and cools in the summer months. The luxurious soft-touch upper made of pure cotton is breathable and quilted for additional comfort. Here are more details.

  • The suspended ceiling is the perfect addition to any household.
  • Extended protection against overheating
  • Fast heating uptime
  • Super energy efficient
  • Extra comfort and warmth
  • The elastic skirt holds on all night
  • Fabric: 5D flannel
  • Features: intelligent double control, timer
  • Power: 7W
  • Specification: 80 * 200cm
  • Power: 220V / 50HZ
  • Style: various patterns

Top Features

  • Dual control heating technology – Allows you to set the heating levels separately on both sides. Size 200 x 180 cm.
  • LUXURY: King size premium Xiaomi smart electric blanket. Customized mattress protectors ensure that the electric blanket stays in place night after night. Ultra-thin wires and the soft finish ensure a comfortable sleep.
  • Fast and easy with such a quick warm-up time and body comfort settings, the Xiaomi smart electric blanket have much more control and luxury comfort and also save money because the electric blanket costs less than an hour. Easy to use with the coded dual controllers, and the elastic skirt keeps the electric blanket in place all night.
  • High-quality, hard-wearing design with ultra-thin, unobtrusive wires and a fully equipped, elastic skirt to ensure a secure hold on your mattress for a super-comfortable, undisturbed sleep
  • Very easy to clean and clean thanks to the removable plug
  • Great for warmth. Also equipped with a safety system with overheating protection
  • Comfortable and warm, suitable for the cold season, also suitable for a cool summer evening on the balcony
  • The upper part of the electric blanket is very soft
  • Effective heat development: rapid heating, evenly distributed throughout the heat bed
  • Preheat cozy warm or cold days • Temperature controller: 3 levels; Level 1: 28-30 ° C, Level 2: 30-32 ° C, Level 3: 32-36 ° C • Material: 100% polyester
  • Dimensions: 150 x 80 cm, weight: 800 g • Protection against overheating Care: hand wash

Get cozy with Xiaomi smart blanket

Electric blanket – Also relevant or suitable for: Warm winter, electric, heatable, bed linen, heating mats, heating mat, heatable, bed, lay, mattress, heating, heating blanket for cozy, warm dreams: a pre-warmed bed in 30 minutes. Your bed linen will warmly warm you up on cold days. Is there anything more beautiful? Choose your cuddle temperature in 3 heat levels and crawl into it immediately. The electric blanket reaches a comfortable body temperature of up to 36 degrees within 30 minutes. No more getting into a winter bed! You never want to do without your new heated blanket again!

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