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Round Electric Furnace

Care for the health of the whole family, less than 80% of the total fried food oil. The round electric furnace  have been exported to Germany, South Korea, Italy products with European CE certification, China 3C certification, quality guaranteed. Preserving an electric system is typically not tiresome and doesn’t call for many initiatives. Sometimes, if home owners have issues, they can fix without calling a specialist. Obviously, if unclear, talking to an expert is constantly the suggested option. Also, electrical heaters present less of a risk to those staying in residence. Gas furnaces emit a low degree of carbon monoxide, as well as the homeowner, must make certain the system is functioning effectively at all times. Round Electric Furnace, contains electrical systems, on the other hand, do not require the very same degree of interest.

Color classification is black and white, with no oil, roast, and healthy family! It can do hundreds of foods. Halogen light shaft heating pipe, penetrating ability, degreasing effect is good. Electronic temperature control, electronic timing, accurate temperature, accurate timing. A large capacity of 10 liters, cooking to meet the needs of the whole family. Oil free air fryer is specially made to cook like cake, patties, and other light (low fat) food. Long life design, kitchen artifact is not afraid of the machine is bad; fear does not use it! Thanks to its special design, the round electric furnace uses thermal airflow, also known as convection. This heats air very quickly and releases it back into the installation room at high speed. The round electric furnace warm air oven is extremely flexible and explicitly designed as an alternative heating option for large areas.

Top Features

  • 360 DEGREES Round Electric Furnace, halogen degreasing light shaft heating pipe.
  • The hot air circulation is more uniform.
  • 10L large capacity will 360-degree rotation air fryer
  • Replacement air fryer.
  • Roast chicken, roast meat, roasted string, cake, pizza, everything.
  • Stay away from fat, no oil frying, intelligent computer board, electronic temperature control, electronic timing, more accurate temperature control, more accurate timing.
  • 10L large capacity (you can bake a whole chicken), 360-degree rotary baking fork, 3D hot air circulation, make food thoroughly heated, more uniform heating, break the old (drawer) air fryer, do not turn the heating capacity small, uneven disadvantage.
  • Halogen light shaft degreasing heating pipe, degreasing effect is better, longer life.
  • The Round Electric Furnace design of humanized open cover power supply, convenient to add the sauce, close the lid, continue the original procedure, the use of safer, more comfortable.
  • Patented technology, double insulation, thermal insulation performance is better, save more energy.
  • Luxury space capsule shape, 10L large capacity, a production to meet the needs of the whole family, save time, and energy saving.
  • Fine workmanship, solid materials, and excellent quality through continuous work for 1000 hours without error checking, stable performance, and durable.
  • The round electric furnace offers a power range from 9 to 21 kilowatts. With the Classic models, enough heat can be generated to completely heat rooms or premises with a total volume of around 420 m³.
  • The design not only has to offer visual appeal but also has to fit primarily with the interior.

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