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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner is a 21st century masterpiece. You don do anything. It will automatically clean the floor. It can change its direction within 10ms. Relate to different floorings: low/hard rug within the height of 1cm, wood, ceramic tiles for house, resort space, and workplace. Twining evidence design of central roller protects against being knotted by cables. 


Unique Features:

 1. The robot can detect the entire atmosphere around and then accumulate the map inside the CPU to ensure that it does cleaning up with a strategy from one room after one more.

 2. The robotic is with memory to recognize where has cleaned while where hasn’t; thus, single sweeping protection is more than 98%. The cleaning path rep price is about 1%.

 3. Humanized design with voice reminders. The robot will certainly advise you when billing, starts to do the cleansing, and filled with dustbin or problem, and so on.

 4. High reliable cleaning: the suction power is rather solid. The design of key filter integrating with HEPA filter prevents the secondary air contamination. Besides, the suction power is flexible, so that we might choose a quieter model.

 5. Wi-Fi application control, the Wi-Fi link is very speedy; the app can show the live working path of the robot.

 6. Electric control water tank makes certain also water infiltration. The water infiltration stops automatically if the robot quits working. The massive water volume of 350ml makes sure continuous damp mopping up to 100 mins.

 7. The layout of the compatible dustbin and also water tank does the robotic job more effectively and also clean up better.

 8. Modulated style is convenient for users to keep the robots by themselves.

 9. Enclosed body layout makes certain that the dust cannot participate in the main board, avoiding the main board from being rusted.

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