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Retractable Stool Folding Chair

The retractable stool folding chair/stool can be adjusted from 6 cm to 46 cm to the desired height as required. Made of high-strength plastic PA66, the cylindrical structure, the narrow connecting buckles, and the non-slip floor ensure a stable position of the stretchable stool for a safe and comfortable sitting. This retractable stool folding chair/stool makes a very robust impression. Pulling out and snapping in the many small plastic locks is very easy and also pushing them together. I have already stood on it, and it has a very stable stand. Folded, it has a diameter of 25cm and a thickness of 6.5cm with a strap for hanging and one for carrying.

It is easy to fold and to unfold quickly, compact and compact, easy to carry, and to stow away in the included carrying bag, folded up and stowed in the backpack. This folding chair is ideal for home use and for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing, parks, beaches, sporting events, music festivals, etc. Sit, back and enjoy your favorite drink because nothing is better than enjoying a delicious meal outdoors.

Top Features

1. Ergonomic and unique design
This camping stool fold able easily is designed for everyday use and multi-purpose use. You can open it by pulling both ends.

2. Portable and light
This folding stool portable with a diameter of 25 cm and a weight of 130 kg is comfortable to carry and light. The fold*able, folding chair can easily be.

3. Height adjustable
This folding chair portable with ergonomic and considerate design can be opened and adjusted to your desired height in the range of 6.5 to 46 cm.

4. Safe and load-bearing capacity
This folding stool, light outdoor, made of high-strength nylon ABS with a cylindrical structure, fixed connection locks, a non-slip base is stable and durable.

5. Unique fold-able design
The unique locking system enables easy opening and closing of the fold-able stool in just a few seconds and locks into place after opening. Even a child can do it quickly and easily.

6. Height adjustable
The folding stool is also adjustable and can be adjusted to the desired height in a range from 6 cm to 46 cm. This adjust-ability makes it suitable for most adults and children.

7. Safe and stable
Made of high-strength, environmentally friendly material PA66, the cylindrical structure, the tight connection locks, and the non-slip base ensure that this stool sits securely and comfortably. The maximum load is up to 150kg!

8. Portable and store able
The pack size is only 25 cm in diameter and weighs only 1.25 kg. The retractable stool can be conveniently stored in luggage or in the house. The adjustable strap makes it very convenient to carry in hand or hang up on the shoulder—a perfect and light-weighted retractable stool.

9. Wide application
The extendable stool is perfect for indoor and outdoor areas such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, grilling, gardening, etc. Be careful do not sit at the edge of retractable stool folding chair.

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