Rack Side Shelf

Refrigerator Rack Side Shelf

Wall-mounted refrigerator rack side shelves are used in small and large supermarkets, in convenience stores, kiosks, cafés and petrol stations. Equipped with several adjustable shelves and floor displays, cooling products can be presented in the smallest possible area and at different viewing heights. Professional lighting of the wall cooling shelves also puts your products in the right light. Because of its metallic light weight design it can easily be fitted at the side of your refrigerator. This refrigerator rack side shelf is the best kitchen ingredients which help to organize things pretty well. Especially the cup hanging shelf designed efficiently to the hanging capacity increases.

To make you feel really comfortable in your home, refrigerator rack side shelf offers many stylish home accessories, creative furnishing ideas and clever household helpers, who make your four walls into a beautiful home with plenty of additional storage space and ensure orderliness. “The better idea” due to their ingenuity and innovation and make life a little more pleasant and comfortable every day. And thanks to the latest advancement which ease our life.

Be sure to measure the doors through which the refrigerator is to be inserted. What is the use of the most beautiful fridge furniture when it is in front of an entrance door that does not have the necessary dimensions? If you have now found a wall-mounted refrigerator rack side shelf, you should think about the insertion. Keep in mind the size of your refrigerator while buying the refrigerator rack side shelf because the size varies.

Top Features of refrigerator rack side shelf 

  • Bold mesh surface, practical and straightforward, bold and firm, with high load capacity.
  • The whole body of refrigerator rack side shelf has a non-stick coating so that it has firmness and obvious non-stick effect and has no effect on your food.
  • The refrigerator rack side shelf foot is stable, and the product is extended.
  • Material: non-stick coating
  • Large storage capacity: Magnetic refrigerator rack side kitchen shelf creates additional space. You can store and organize your spices, spice bottles, sauces, cans, food, etc. in the two collapsible shelves.
  • Powder coating process: Magnetic metal spice rack, robust and durable. High quality, matte spray on the surface that safely and healthy prevents colour from falling off.
  • Easy installation without tools: The magnetic refrigerator rack side shelf organizer frame can be attached directly to the sidewall of the refrigerator or any other metal surface, as there is a 3-part strong magnet on the back. No drilling or screwing required.
  • Two pieces of the wooden holder: Magnetic paper towel holder made of moisture-resistant rubber wood, ideal for storing paper towels, plastic films and garbage bags.
  • Five detachable hooks: 5 magnetic hooks are included in the scope of delivery of the magnetic refrigerator rack side shelf, which can be brought into the desired position. Ideal for hanging up small washers or other light tools.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, effectively prevents rust and is environmentally friendly.
  • Suction cup attachment, attachment firmly.
  • Multi-layer space for storing various items.

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