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Portable Quick Cooler

The smart touch control refrigerator cooler cup takes high-conductivity endothermic die-cast aluminum cold forging blade radiator. It has great heat dissipation aluminum; effectively guarantees lower cooling and cooling efficiency to achieve the best cooling effect. The way of use is quick and easy. After the power is turned on and the switch is turned on, the temperature of the metal dial of the base begins to cool down. If you use the aluminum cup directly, pour the drink into it to cool down. The smart touch control fridge cooler cup is made of high purity special food-grade aluminum. It has the characteristics of lightweight and strong conductivity. The juice in the cup can be quickly exchanged for heat and cold to achieve the cooling effect.

Best Portable Quick Cooler

Key features 

  • Rapid cooling: It can cool any liquid quickly, six times faster than the refrigerator. Generally, the drink can be reduced to 12-13 degrees in 10 minutes. Two types of cooling methods, sinking type freeze + pour type freeze.
  • Cooling principle: Use the advanced TEC semiconductor cooling chip as well as the third generation temperature control parameters. Strengthen micro-temperature cut-off temperature technology to get power-saving information and extend cooling life.
  • Double-sided vent hole: Due to the design with double-sided vent holes, the hot air is not directly blown out when vacuuming.
  • Easy to carry: Smart Travel Cup with temperature control, 12 V adapter for all countries, mobile mini fridge for smart devices made of stainless steel for easy cooling of your drink.
  • Large capacity cold storage: 350 ml capacity for most bottles / cans on the market, for cooling red wine / beer / cola / drink / juice
  • Easy to use: 350ML aluminum cup, you can put your drink in the cup or put the drink bottle in the aluminum cup; Compatible with most cups, cans, and small B-bottles. One simple button control, press it, and wait for your cold drink.

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