portable hand washer

Portable Hand Washer

The portable hand washer is automatically dispensed when you hold your hand in front of the corresponding infrared sensor. It supports all types of liquid hand soap and lotions. Do not refill the tank frequently. The portable hand-washer set has built-in, accurate infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology that detects your hand in one pass. To dispense the soap automatically, hold your hand in front of the hand washer sensor. An automatic sensor of the hand washer foam soap dispenser that will make your baby fall in love with hand washing. Suitable for kindergartens, family kitchens, hotels, office buildings, etc., indoors, etc. Foam hand soap (hand washer) is very convenient to use: a pump lets the soap extrude directly into the foam during use, which saves your time considerably. To prevent from coronavirus disease (COVID-19), you can carry this portable hand washer easily every where.

Main Features of the portable hand washer

  • Double effectiveness: direct foaming and not easy to slide, which means that the active ingredients of the foam are fully utilized, and the effects of cleaning, sterilization, and moistening are enhanced
  • Non-contact hygienic: Skin-neutral, mild, and moisturizing make washing your hands a compulsory daily course.
  • Basis waterproof, durable, and long-lasting: Equipped with an intelligent Japanese motion infrared sensor. This non-contact and user-friendly portable hand-washer is equipped with excellent water, moisture, and leak-proof technologies.
  • Fast foam capacity induction: Sensitive reaction, low energy consumption, long lifespan, gentle stretching of the hands, induction of bubbles.
  • Fine foam precision ratio: The precise gas-liquid ratio maintains the efficient morphology and cleanliness of the foam.
  • Bionics Appearance Design: Prevent students from learning the appearance of the arc. Avoid contact and be more hygienic. Suitable for various washing liquids such as liquid soap, detergent, shower gel, shampoo, etc. The portable hand washing dispenser is easy to take on the journey, to keep your self and family germs free.

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