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Portable Fuel Pump

The portable/electric fuel pumps are well thought out and also offer numerous customization options. So you can also install this actually portable pump as a petrol pump for a tank system; even if the space conditions are problematic. In addition, adapters can be used for many pump connections (delivery and suction lines to reduce the required size. Depending on the pump, the connections can be easily rotated so that the connection hoses never get under tension.

The electric/portable fuel pump can be used for natural gas, diesel, chemical oil, paint, non-drinkable water or non-corrosive liquids. The electric fuel pump is easy to operate with cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, lawns, mowers and generators. And is ideal for pumping gases, water, acid salts and other liquids. The auto-stop sensor can stop pumping and generate beeps when the transmission status becomes full. With the pump, the liquid can be pumped quickly, easily and safely without contamination.

Depending on your individual operating conditions, for example, as a feed pump for a barrel or a canister, a petrol pump for tank systems or a petrol pump for petrol stations, you can of course also choose different delivery rates and pump technologies.

The range of portable fuel pump types ranges from the piston pump (vacuum pump) as a manual hand pump for petrol and diesel to vane pumps to centrifugal pumps. The electric fuel pump components and pump housings are made of different materials such as light metal, cast alloys or plastics, which are resistant to the released fuels and media. Of course, this also applies to the seals and sleeves used the delivery and suction hoses, fuel nozzles and other accessories. With the electric fuel pumps, you can choose between models with pump motors for the operating voltages 12 V, 24 V and 230 V.

The pump is completely made of aluminium and weighs only 3.18 kg. Thanks to the ergonomic handle in connection with a hose set, the portable fuel pump is the optimal alternative to canisters. The electric fuel pump is more safety, no spilling and environmentally friendly.

The electric/portable fuel pump function is as follows:

  • Transferring petrol from barrels into transport canisters
  • Filling small machines such as lawnmowers etc.
  • Filling chainsaws with alkylate petrol or special fuels

 Key features

  • 12V pump RD812
  • 3m power cable with battery terminals and earthling terminal with special connector (ATEX approved)
  • 3m fuel hose with pressed-in connections 1 “AG and 3/4” AG
  • 2m suction hose with pressed-in connections 3/4 “AG and brass foot valve
  • Work on the fuel system may only be carried out by specialist personnel.
  • Only remove plugs in new fuel pumps immediately before installation.
  • The aluminium housing of the E1F must not come into contact with salt water.
  • Do not use material combinations that trigger contact corrosion. Do not bring into contact with galvanized surfaces.
  • Observe the applicable statutory provisions and instructions from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Observe the safety regulations for handling fuel and fuel vapors.
  • After the conversion work, the tightness of the fuel system and the validity of the operating license must be ensured.Buy from here

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