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Portable Electric Scooter

You can now see portable electric scooter on every street. The modern form of transportation is, therefore, very popular. The portable electric scooter is practical, bring driving pleasure and protect the environment. With a weight of just under 20 kg, the MAX G30D is one of the heavier models on the still fresh e-scooter market. This makes the portable electric scooter less manageable, but it lasts significantly longer than the competition. The range of an e-scooter depends on the motorization and the built-in battery as well as your weight, the terrain (mountains vs flat land) and your driving style. Basically, all models cover 15-20 kilometers without problems. Long-lasting electric scooter even covers 30 – 40 kilometers.

If you drive on bumpy surfaces such as dirt roads, cobblestones or bad roads on many routes, an electric scooter with pneumatic tires is more suitable, since these bumps absorb better bumps. Some e-scooters even have extra suspension. Rubber tires can be found in cheaper models and are more intended for paved roads. We have summarized the most important facts, recommendations and information for you so that you know exactly what is important for the electric scooters.

Key Features of portable electric scooter

  • It’s easier to use a portable electric scooter. The installation speed of the portable electric scooter is fast, and the whole process takes only three steps.
  • The powerful 48 V / 350 W motor of portable electric scooter offers the best performance under pneumatic tires and adapts to more bumps.
  • Non-slip anti-vibration tires, wear-resistant non-slip treads and a high-quality shock absorber help you unhindered.
  • The top speed of the portable electric scooter is 40 km / h, and the performance is optimized again with a powerful motor.
  • The battery is the heart of the electric scooter. An advanced 18650 lithium-ion battery is used. Excellent battery life does not fear high loads and durability.
  • Expand the battery, release more energy in a smaller space, walk freely in the city and move the distance between you and me.
  • Bluetooth music playback: Connect to the Bluetooth mobile phone to play music. This way, travelling is no longer lonely and more fun.
  • An electric scooter must be suitable for road approval only drive 20 km / h.
  • The portable electric scooter gigantic 551-watt battery brings the extra kilos.
  • Flexible and fast: thanks to the three integrated driving modes, you can drive the portable electric scooter the way you want it.
  • The standard mode offers a balance of speed and range. The Sport mode, on the other hand, provides plenty of steam when starting off and quickly reaches top speed. The ECO mode, on the other hand, reduces acceleration but protects the battery.
  • The most striking thing is exceptionally lightweight. With 20 kg, you should carefully consider whether the portable electric scooter fits into your everyday life. Even when folded, the scooter is anything but compact. Nevertheless, you can still bring it in a reasonably handy format and transport short distances.

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