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On a summer night, it is happy to have a cool beer and chat with your family. But it is terrible not to find the opener. But the multifunctional keychain has it, don’t worry. SIM Card Pin is a tool that you rarely use. But when you need it, it is difficult to find out. Why not get an EDC Keychain Carry Case & Compact Screwdriver tool; it contains ten useful tools for you! It is an excellent choice to bring this tool to the picnic. You can cut the bread with the cutter or open the packaging with scissors. You can also attach the tool to your camping backpack. The screwdriver would be a good helper on your trip!

Developed with the active minimal in mind, The EDC multifunctional keychain is a small, watertight lug situation that functions as a small screwdriver. It is additionally outfitted with a detachable belt clip and also detachable organizational trays so you can tailor the means you bring.

Top Features

  • Compact design – The new multi-tools are designed as a practical device for you. With a key ring, you can easily put your keys and EDC Compact Screwdriver tools together. And this little tool has ten necessary functions that can meet your daily needs.
  • Security lock – The manufacturing team considered most user use cases when developing this multifunctional keychain tool. We are designing a new type of security lock. To close the tool after use, pull both sides of the security lock down, and close the tool.
  • 10 in 1 – This Keychain Multi-tool has ten essential functions – SIM card pen, screwdriver, cable cutter, telephone stand, and file.
  • Small folding scissors are part of the EDC Multi-Tool. You can use it to cut paper, wool on clothes.

Easy Carry

Clips easily on/off the keychain and also designed level to nest with tricks. Usage optional belt clip to clip nicely to pockets as well as bags or keep you screwdriver handy.

Flexible Storage Space

Lug little products securely and also firmly. Holds little hex bits, pills, toothpicks, phone adapters, as well as more. Move out cabinet with configurable divider panels to arrange contents.

Mobile Screwdriver

Holds six little hex bits. Dual magnetic little bit sockets. Just carry the bits you need. EDC Keychain is perfect for bikers.

Water Resistant Cylinder

The quick-release cap seals limited to keep components dry. Resilient all metal building with magnificently completed anodized lightweight aluminum and also zinc alloy. Compared to conventional secateurs, EDC Keychain has many useful small tools in these secateurs – saw, milling cutter, and shovel. As you know, you don’t have to carry a lot of tools with you when you work in the garden.

Where to buy portable multifunctional keychain

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