Automatic Mixing Mug for Coffee

Automatic Mixing Mug for Coffee

The automatic mixing mug for coffee adapts perfectly to the needs of the user. You will never need a mixing spoon again. The closure is particularly easy to open but also at the same time – tightly closed with a rubber seal. The automatic mixing mug for the coffee bottle is sturdy and, thanks to its flexible nature, is durable enough even when it falls. In addition, the drinking lid has the advantage that you can enjoy drinks safely and conveniently on the go. The mug looks very beautiful and also classy. All in all, the mug makes a relatively high-quality impression. Self-stirring cup, the sealed lid can keep the temperature of the coffee, double heat insulation, is not scalded, turn around, can also serve as a snack-snack plate. Simply press the yellow mixing button and immediately make a mixture of cream, sugar, and coffee. Automatic mixing mug for coffee has a super mute motor; you will not hear any sound at all. It has finished its work. Automatic mixing mug for coffee stirs more evenly at three thousand revolutions. Stainless steel double cup body, feel pretty good.

I find the automatic mixing mug for coffee very practical so that you can take the mug with you into the car, and the coffee stays warm through the lid. A small opening in the lid makes drinking easier.

  • Automatic mixing mug for coffee is super quiet when stirring
  • Stable handles on the side
  • Batteries are replaceable
  • Batteries last very long
  • Super suitable for mixing coffee and milk
  • Also mixes thick, chunky cocoa
  • Great gift idea


  • Material: stainless steel surface, food safety, PC inner layer. The quality automatic mixing mug for coffee is reliable, use more security, be assured.
  • Size: 8.88 cm x 11.2 cm x 13.5 cm; Weight about 0.34 kg.
  • Stainless steel surface and internal food grade PC plastic double-deck design, anti-ironing, texture.
  • Fruit, tea, coffee, etc. all have to stir the drink; it can easily get rid of many of your unnecessary problems.
  • Simple operation, old and small children are suitable. Press the button of the cup and work automatically.
  • Automatic mixing, moderate strength, never because the mixing speed is too fast and spilled.
  • Automatic mixing mug for coffee is easy to clean.
  • The main material is a non-toxic plastic cup body; the outer ring is made of metal material, excellent texture.
  • Children’s easy operation: If necessary, simply press the small button on the handle of the cup to get your drink moving.
  • Any quality of coffee is set in motion: A whopping 325 ml capacity fits into the cup, which can be stirred at the push of a button at a fixed 3000 revolutions per minute.
  • Automatic mixing mug for coffee is not suitable for use in the dishwasher or microwave, two AAA batteries required (NOT included!), Size: 9.0 cm (L) x 14.0 cm (W) x 11.7 cm (H), Weight: 294 grams.
  • Automatic mixing mug for coffee includes one of 25 cool stickers for everyday use – great sayings on many occasions!

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