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Mini Electric Rice Cooker

This Mini Electric Rice Cooker is a smart cooking device. The mini electric rice cooker timing function ordinary. The electric mini rice cooker in a chic rice hunger design is the ideal entry-level rice cooker and cooks both husked and whole-grain rice perfectly. It is ideal for everyone who is looking for a simple, standard mini-sized rice cooker. The mini rice cooker is easy to use. Insert the plug into the socket, fill the desired amount of rice with the appropriate amount of water into the rice cooker and switch the toggle switch from warming mode (warm) to cooking mode (cook). As soon as the rice is cooked, our rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode. The keep-warm function is so convenient because, in the meantime, you can prepare all the other goodies without burning the rice. You can keep the rice warm for up to 8 hours.

The high-quality removable inner pot is made of aluminum, weighs 250 grams, and has a double non-stick coating so that not a single grain of rice can burn. With an output of 300 watts, it is just as powerful for its small size and cooks the rice evenly and quickly. The rice cooker has a filling volume of 0.6 liters, which is ideal for singles and couples but can also prepare rice for 1 to 3 people. Even a small amount for just one person cooks evenly – a true all-rounder. We also supply a practical accessory. The inner pot can be cleaned and disinfected with a dishwasher. A cup of rice can make two bowls of rice (diameter: 12cm). Do not put the product in the unbalanced, damp places, or near a source of fire or heat.


  • With a filling volume of 0.6l, our mini rice cooker is ideal for preparing rice for 1-3 people. As a rule, depending on the dish, you need 50 – 60g rice per person, which corresponds to 150 – 180g for three people. The mini rice cooker is ideal for single households and small kitchens.
  • In the mini rice cooker, you can wonderfully prepare both peeled rice varieties and whole grain rice. Even varieties that stick together like sushi rice or even sticky rice (Sticky Rice) work well.
  • Operating the Mini Rice Cooker is a child’s play and convenient: it only has a toggle switch that you operate to start the cooking process. As soon as the water has evaporated, the mini rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode – done!
  • With a power of 300 watts, the rice cooker is powerful despite its small size and cooks the rice evenly and quickly, just like its big brother.
  • The removable inner pot can be easily cleaned with warm water and a little dish washing liquid. However, you should not clean the inner pot in the dishwasher. The inner area of ​​the rice cooker can be wiped off with a commercially available sponge. After each cooking process, you should also remove and wash out the small condensation container.

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