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Kitchen Trash Can

Automatic induction Intelligent upgrade trash can completely free hands, the automatic cover of 0.3 S, 12 with large capacity, elegant color, control switch, automatic induction, mute technology, dual-mode with normally open induction, intelligent microchip, odorless seal design. The main switch on the back of the lid is designed to effectively control the entire trash can when it is at home or not in use. Proper handling with household waste can have a significant impact on the feel-good atmosphere throughout the home. Best trash can especially for the kitchen. Therefore, the trash can with sensor proves to be a practical invention by means of which you can open the bucket with just one hand. While considering the trash can for kitchen, choose automatic induction trash can.

This functional technology not only makes it easy for you to remove the garbage bag, but you can also easily open the bucket at any time without touching it. Since the lid closes within a few seconds, the bucket never stays open longer than necessary, and unpleasant smells are reduced to a minimum, while hygiene in the household is optimized.

Main Features

  • Indispensable for a smart home: Thanks to the infrared sensor, hygienic and straightforward waste disposal is possible without touching the waste container. The lid opens automatically when the hand approaches the sensor window and closes again after 5 seconds
  • Can remain open, the hand does not jam during extended use: The lid can remain open vertically by keeping your hands within sensor range, or directly by pressing the “OPEN” button
  • Long usage time: The trash can only need 2 AA batteries as a sensor function and can be used 20 times a day for 5-8 months, on average 20 times a day.
  • Easy to clean and protects your floor: The housing is made of fingerprint-free ABS plastic, easy to clean, stains on it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth
  • The battery compartment is located in the lid to make changing the battery easier. Inductive switch, long battery life, savings of 80% compared to similar products 22.6 * 20.6 * 35.

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