heat resistant gloves for cooking

Heat Resistant Gloves

In the leisure area, heat resistant gloves are particularly suitable as barbecue gloves. The glove is heat resistant up to 200 degrees, according to the EN 470 standard. When working with extreme temperatures, optimal protection of the body should be guaranteed. Therefore, you should pay attention to an exact fit of the glove when you buy heat resistant gloves for cooking. The special feature of the Iso-Flex glove is an integrated special protective fleece that lifts the glove off conventional protective gloves. An NBR coating makes the glove particularly heat-resistant and also ensures good resistance to oils, lubricants, greases, and fuels. A heat resistant glove from our shop also serves as protection against the cold. The “Neo-Grip” model is ready for use at temperatures from minus twenty-five to two hundred degrees. The ISO-Flex gloves up to 200 ° C, according to EN 470 / heat-resistant gloves/barbecue gloves are ideal for all kinds of work thanks to the high-quality aramid fabric. A heat-resistant glove is an excellent companion, for example, when welding and flexing.

One for more cut security

The heat resistant gloves for working with hot objects are characterized, among other things, by their high tear resistance. They are also very resistant to rapid abrasion. This also has to do with the fact that the protective purpose of the gloves is mechanical protection of the hands. The mechanical protection serves to avoid injuries such as blisters, abrasions, calluses, stitches, and cuts. In order to ensure the independent mobility of the individual fingers, this type of glove is subordinate to the group of gloves. The starting material in professional use is, in most cases, the natural product leather or plastic aramid.

It’s always worth!

You buy heat-resistant gloves as a real all-rounder for all kinds of work.  Certainly, there is also a suitable model in your desired design and size. If the search on our website is not successful, we recommend that you contact our friendly service staff. Our customers and your satisfaction with our performance are particularly important to us. Just give us a call, and we will find an individual solution for your wishes and requirements. In addition to our online range, we sell other great products. Simply ask one of our employees – because buying heat-resistant gloves is always worthwhile!

Barbecue gloves offer reliable protection against burns during barbecuing and thus increase the safety of every grill master. So that the barbecue evening does not have to be ended prematurely due to an accident, BBQ gloves should be an integral part of the barbecue equipment.

Top Features

  • Material: Aramid 1313+ environmental protection silicone + inner layer cotton, can 500 high-temperature topcoat, increases high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance.
  • Suitable for industrial heat treatment, home microwave, box heat insulation cheek, and bracket.
  • High-temperature resistance, non-slip, abrasion-resistant, elastic, quick cooling.
  • Finger design, comfortable, flexible, strong grip, double knitting, excellent heat insulation, and heat dissipation function.
  • Double-sided dispensing with the use of high-temperature environmental protection silicone, excellent non-slip performance, elegant, easy to clean, positive, and negative use to extend the service life.

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