Air Pump for Bike Tires

Hand Air Pump for Bike

A flat bicycle tire is an unpopular companion on bike tours or cycling training. Before the desire disappears due to this, a hand air pump can quickly remedy the situation. An air pump for bike tires is standard equipment for every cyclist. The selection ranges from inexpensive models to bicycle pumps for professionals and frequent riders. In any case, the pump should be selected to match the valves used and be quick and easy to use.

The hand air pump is selected according to driving behavior and your requirements. Small mini pumps or emergency pumps offer a sufficient pumping function for sudden plumping and can be conveniently stowed in the bicycle saddle bag or a bicycle backpack. However, such pumps are not very convenient. They only serve you if the tire is not flat due to a defect. If there is a hole in the tire, you must patch it up before inflating it. A bicycle pump test should always be carried out to determine whether the existing pump also fits the valve.

The key to finding the right-hand air pump is knowledge of the existing valve and the pressure required. If you need high pressure (e.g., on a racing bike) on the tire, it can also be difficult to build it up with a small hand pump.


  • Faster and easier pumping – achieve, ride pressure with 30% fewer stroke pumps than conventional mini bike pumps—high pressure up to 160 PSI.
  • Super light and compact, this mini bike pump ONLY 22.1 cm long and 0.32lb in weight, perfect for obsessed cyclists size and weight.
  • Solid and durable, CNC-machined high aluminum alloy is already pulled through with durable and precise parts that are built to last they can have a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • Multi-function mini pump, with a ball needle, included, this bicycle tire pump is suitable for all buggies and wheelchair balls and ideal for mountain and road bikes, electric bikes as well. An essential companion for trips and bike trips.
  • Max. 160 PSI & inflatable quickly: With a capacity of 160 PSI, the mini bike pump can be used to air pump for bike tires during emergency repairs or to maintain tire pressure throughout a season. It’s the only pump you need to take with you when you cycle outdoors.
  • Suitable for Schrader and Presta valves. No leaks fit both Schrader and Presta valves; no valve change required. The default setting is the Schrader valve. Carefully unscrew to switch to the Presta valve pump.
  • Double inlet valve: This portable mini bike pump works in both directions. So when you push in or pull out the handle, the small bicycle pump fills the tire. This means you can inflate your tires up to twice as fast as with other bicycle pumps.
  • Robust and mini: High-quality aluminum alloy offers excellent performance, rust resistance, and durability. Extremely compact 12.7 cm long, almost weightless (90 g). You can easily attach the bike pump with the bracket to your bike frame.

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