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GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker is convinced with excellent GPS location and cell phone transmission. This makes it ideal for theft protection in vehicles, where it is important that the device can communicate its position even under adverse conditions. The GSP tracker also has an internal battery, in case the battery is disconnected. However, the battery only carries 1,000 mAh and can, therefore, only be seen as an emergency power supply in the event of theft. If the battery voltage is too low or disconnected, the device sends you an alarm. Sensors also detect vibrations or speed violations and also report a loss of the GPS signal. App and online portal for live tracking and settings have been rated very user-friendly. Since the power supply is only from the car battery, it is only suitable for use in the vehicle.

Top Features of GPS Tracker

  • Is the car in a dangerous area, or has it been unobserved for a long time? Then a GPS tracker in the car is a really good solution. Some even have switchable relays with which the oil supply and thus an unauthorized start can be prevented. If the vehicle is stolen, the position data can be passed on to the police, and the search for the vehicle can be made more accessible.
  • A GPS tracker is also a very good companion for children in general. Parents want to protect their children from danger when they are on their way home from school, to sports or friends. A GPS tracker in your pocket is the optimal solution. This way, parents can see where their child is at any time!
  • A GPS tracker is a valuable companion for anyone who feels insecure in everyday life: This way, older people can be found quickly in emergencies. A call or an SMS to the GPS tracker is usually sufficient, and you already know where the person you are looking for is located. Many GPS trackers have an emergency button with which unsettled people can send an SMS directly to a person of their choice with their position, making it easier to locate people.
  • Man’s greatest friend is usually his pet. But sometimes cats and dogs can run away in an unknown area due to unfortunate coincidences. In this case, you can find them again with a GPS tracker in no time. Even when you’re not at home, you know that your favorite pets are still in the garden or house, and you don’t have to worry. You will find all the important information about the GPS trackers for cats and GPS trackers for dogs.
  • GPS transmitters can also be used for the constant monitoring of company vehicles. Today, many entrepreneurs take too great a risk of chasing their company vehicles across the street without traceability. Sometimes employees even take advantage of this situation and are not on the job where they should be. With a GPS transmitter in the vehicle, you not only have the option of monitoring, but the transmitter can also help optimize routes.

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