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Electric Can Opener

Say goodbye to your previous can opener, where you either had to hold the can, the lid fell into the can, or you cut your finger when you removed the lid. It opens automatically and without effort. Simply place the opener on the top of the can, start the turning and cutting process at the push of a button – the upper part of the can is cut cleanly. Lift the can opener together with the lid – done. No sharp edges: the lid is cut off just below the top edge—fast handling and security in one. To store the can, simply replace the lid. For all standard cans from 65 mm in diameter. Simply place it on a round box, activate the start button and off you go! The lid is automatically removed without using your hands. When the can is open, simply switch off the “automatic can opener” again. Removing the lid is also a child’s play thanks to the built-in magnet. The lid remains attached to the can opener when it is removed. How to open every can with ease!

To open the can, place the opener on the can so that the blade hits the edge of the can. As soon as you press the button, the opener starts to rotate by itself and open the can. There is no automatic switch-off, and you have to watch yourself when the can is open. The opener takes some time to move the blade back and does not stop immediately when you press the end button again, which is confusing, and you are a bit awkward when you first open it. If you remove the opener from the can, the lid of the can is held in place by a magnet on the opener. Thanks to its shape, the opener is easy to hold and can be stowed away quickly and easily. The can is not cut very cleanly: the edges are burred and wavy bent. You can only put the lid back on the can to store the contents of the can with large gaps and therefore, cannot close it well.

Top Features

  • The device can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if some of the contents of the can have reached the device. It is recommended to remove the batteries beforehand.
  • The automatic can opener is our smallest device tested. It was packed in an impractical plastic packaging and provided with an instruction manual. Batteries have also already been supplied, which makes immediate use possible.
  • Simple, automatic, electric! Easy to use! Simply place it on the can, press the button and watch the electric can opener automatically open the can.
  • Innovative design! Opens without edges and with a smooth edge without risk of injury.
  • Intelligent, safe, and clean! Thanks to the automatic start-stop function and the built-in magnet, the can opener does not fall off the can.
  • Leaves no sharp edges.
  • Suitable for all can. The device easily fits in any drawer. A fully automatic safety can opener.

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