LED Table Lamp

Cordless LED Table Lamp

It is quite interesting to have the magical led table lamp. It looks really cool at night, even though the cordless table lamp has little balls. The led table lamp in white color is a real eye-catcher. You have to get the USB power supply extra, but either you have something flying around at home anyway, or you buy a Schuko plug with integrated USB.

The cordless led table lamp is made of neatly processed plastic. The led table lamp comes in a variety of colors to add glory to your table. The gag on the lamp is, of course, the story with the two floating balls. It is effortless: the balls are magnetic and are each attached to the housing with a thread. If you move the lower ball to the upper one, it pulls on its thread – and it actuates a pull switch in the housing. You could also simply switch the lamp on or off by interrupting the power or pulling out the USB cable.

Main Features

  • SAVE ENERGY – This cordless led table lamp is perceived continuously and does not overheat after use. Power supply via a USB cable, you can work with a laptop or your power bank.
  • GREAT DESIGN – Magnetic suction switch “Balance” is located. Place the second ball in the middle if it is selected, but also when the light is on.
  • HEATING LAMP – LED light beads to radiate warming eyesight, a long-standing camaraderie that brings the feeling of warming and excitement in your home.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION – This creative lamp is ideal for study, workplaces, offices, etc. Besides lighting, it is also a work of art, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • LARGE CHOICE – The alliance of classic and modern industry. It is not just a lamp, but also an attitude to life.

Where to buy Cordless LED Table Lamp


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