Best Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Large, bulky fixed structures are what come to people’s mind when it comes to solar panels. With improve technology, the world is now witnessing a different twist in solar energy, portable, flexible solar panels strong enough to power all types of electronics devices are now readily available. A compact and …

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Camping Towel

micro fiber towel

The Camping Towels or Super Absorbent magic towel is made of microfiber (micro fiber towel). It has a better water absorption than standard towels and is quick drying. The towel is equipped with a special pocket and a carabineer for easy packing and hanging. It can be hung anywhere and …

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Magnetic Power Bank

Small Power Bank

The magnetic power bank is small and light – 32 g / piece, which can be carried anywhere in your pocket. One of the best features is, magnetic power can be plugged in a while traveling and even hang on your key chain. No power failure in the emergency room. …

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Universal Travel Adapter

universal travel adapter

2 USB Charging Universal Travel Adapter All-in-one plugs can be inserted at the input and output, fuse, and USB for charging cell phones, etc. The travel adapter holds very well in the socket and is easy to use. Processing is flawless, and the material makes a high-quality impression. Very well …

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Portable Hand Washer

portable hand washer

The portable hand washer is automatically dispensed when you hold your hand in front of the corresponding infrared sensor. It supports all types of liquid hand soap and lotions. Do not refill the tank frequently. The portable hand-washer set has built-in, accurate infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology that …

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Travel Toothbrush

travel toothbrush

Healthy material keeps hygienic and clean: the mug is made of polypropylene, healthy, and when you are outside. You can keep toothbrush and toothpaste, razor etc in this case. Capsules Cup Design: You can easily clean the cup. Accommodates toothbrushes in different sizes. Size: the whole set size: 7.3 * …

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