Hand Air Pump for Bike

Air Pump for Bike Tires

A flat bicycle tire is an unpopular companion on bike tours or cycling training. Before the desire disappears due to this, a hand air pump can quickly remedy the situation. An air pump for bike tires is standard equipment for every cyclist. The selection ranges from inexpensive models to bicycle …

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Bicycle Light

Bike Light

The bicycle lights are well made and easy to assemble. The headlight is attached to the handlebar with a clamp with a quick release. There are two rubber strips to adapt the holder to handlebars of different thicknesses. When the bicycle headlight is switched on, the sensor function is set. …

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Bicycle Repair Tool Set

bicycle repair tool kit

The bicycle repair tool set has been tested against industry standards for hardness, torque, surface finish, and usability. It is suitable for all assembly, maintenance, repair projects in the household, or at home office, such as repairing the leaky faucet, hanging picture frames, assembling furniture, tightening bicycle chains, etc. Special …

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