Best Car Window Sunshade

Car Window Sunshade

Are you frustrated over heat problem causing damage to your steering wheel, windshield dashboard, interior, and your car seat? Then look no further, the premium front sun shade protector is created to safeguard your vehicle interior from overexposing to the Sunlight and minimizing any UV damage. Engineered by the automotive experts, BlizeTec car sunshade is built with heat resistant nylon and has the ability to kick off UV rays and keep your vehicle cool inside. Be hassle-free and no more suffering from hot air blast when opening your car door.

Key Features and Benefits

* Safeguard Interior: Protect your vehicle dashboard from cracking and fading with age by blocking the Sunlight.

* UV Ray Isolation: Kick-off heatwave in your car so you will no longer suffer from inhaling hot air when seating in the front seat.

* Stay-Cool: Keeping your vehicle steering and interior at the ideal temperature.                                               

* Universal Size: One size fits all; designed to fit most car, SUV, and truck windshield.

* BONUS: Blind spot mirrors and a dashboard anti-slip pad.

 * Pop-up Ready: Easy to open and easy to fold back in seconds.

Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Damage Free

Stop buying sunshade that doesn’t do the job. BlizeTec car sunshade is specially built for those who care for their vehicles. Act now and maintain the integrity of your interior for many years to come.

Where to buy Car Window Sunshade

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