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If you always wanted to have warm water on the go, you might be able to make friends with the electric kettle for your car. This is a small 12V kettle, which can achieve great performance in the test. The electric car kettle is often sold as a travel kettle, but the car kettle has a special connection for the car. You cannot operate a normal socket with it, but the electric car kettle is not built for it. The following car kettle shows you the advantages of such a device.

Basic information and areas of application

An electric car kettle – like the travel kettle – is a small device that has a significantly lower filling capacity.

While most large 24V kettles have a filling capacity of around 1.5 to 1.7 liters, you can only heat half a liter with an electric car kettle.

At first glance, this may sound like a disadvantage, but it quickly turns out to be a brilliant advantage when traveling. The kettle is, therefore, extremely light and easy to transport. The amount of half a liter is enough for almost two cups of tea, which is why you are served very well here as a couple.

If you wanted to heat a large kettle with 12V for comparison, the process would take a long time. It can quickly happen that you sit in front of the kettle for several minutes, and nothing would happen. The low filling capacity is therefore adapted to the power source.

Pay attention to the processing

If you buy a normal kettle, many companies advertise that their kettle is made of glass or metal. In normal use in the kitchen, this fact can be very good.

Protection against burns

If you still want to use a metal kettle, you should make sure that at least the handle is made of plastic. If you used the kettle and touched the metal, you would burn yourself. First of all, pay attention to your health and use plastic kettles.

The energy efficiency

If you want to buy a car kettle, you should pay attention to the energy efficiency of the respective model. On the one hand, an energy-efficient model protects the environment; on the other hand, it saves electricity. The latter is particularly important because you use the kettle in the car.

Important security measures

When you buy a kettle for the car, you should not only pay attention to the performance – the model should also have corresponding safety features so that you can use it well.

Top Features

  • Like all-electric car kettle, you also connect the PEARL WSK-150.cr to the cigarette lighter of your car. However, it takes a while before you can infuse your tea with hot water.
  • Equipment: When it comes to equipment, the PEARL kettle is very unspectacular. The device holds one liter of water and even dispenses with a power switch. The electric car kettle will run as soon as you connect it to the cigarette lighter.
  • Performance: The electric car kettle takes up to 20 minutes to fully heat the water. This is too long, even for a car kettle.

Where to buy the car electric kettle


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