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Car Air Purifier

Let the car air purifier experts advise you without obligation. The air purifier for car, SUV, truck, or camper is tailored to your needs. Whether allergies, MCS, new car smell, or against fine dust, you will get the best solution to enjoy driving again. With today’s traffic density, a car air purifier is a sensible purchase that not least brings more quality of life and freedom for allergy sufferers.

With a car air freshener, you significantly improve the air in your car, SUV, camper, or truck. The particulate matter problem in city centers and on the motorways is just a burden that limits driving. In the warmer months, interior materials in vehicles increasingly emit VOCs and reduce air quality. If you take your dog with you, the dog smell in the car can be annoying. With a car air freshener from you, remedy the situation, and driving is pleasant and relaxed again.

Advantages of car air purifier

  • With HEPA and activated carbon combination filter
  • Low energy consumption
  • 12V connection
  • Without ozone, high cleaning power
  • Relief for allergy sufferers
  • Against fine dust, smells, VOCs, pollen

When and for whom is a car air purifier the solution?

Generally, a car cabin filter makes sense for everyone who is health conscious. Odor, tire wear, exhaust gases, and particulate matter, in particular, are a health hazard for all vehicle occupants. Especially in the warmer months, solvents (VOCs) and plasticizers gas out intensely in the vehicle interior. Headaches, dizziness, concentration problems, burning eyes, and nausea are among the complaints that new car owners often complain about. An activated carbon cabin filter that has sufficient filter capacity is essential.

Pollen in the car, the HEPA filter eliminates it

Pollen time is in the spring and summer months. Those who have hay fever or pollen allergy are restricted when driving. Hay fever medication reduces the ability to drive and is a problem for every driver because concentration and alertness go down in the basement due to the allergens. With a car air purifier that has an activated carbon and Hepa filter, the indoor air is completely filtered, and the highly efficient HEPA particle filter removes pollen. A great relief for hay fever and pollen allergy. You arrive relaxed and without symptoms of hay fever.

Top Features

  • Fresh air for on the go & at home: The car air purifier is your fresh air supplier for on the go. At only the size of a 550 ml water bottle, it is small enough to fit perfectly in the cup holder and can be easily taken for many occasions.
  • Elegant, durable & powerful: Equipped with a housing made of high-quality anodized aluminum, which maximizes durability and gives the air purifier an outstanding appearance. The internal, backward-curved radial fan provides a powerful force (3500 – 7500 rpm) and is effective enough to remove 99% of the air pollutants.
  • Air Purifiers & Humidifiers: The car air purifier has a fine ultrasonic mechanism with the automatic shutdown that converts water from the built-in reservoir into cool steam so that every breath you breathe is particularly refreshing.
  • Simple and automatic control: It has four adjustable airflow modes with automatic control. In auto mode, it monitors the current ambient air in real-time and adjusts the airflow automatically. The simple one-button control makes operation extremely easy.

Where to buy car air purifier

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