Bike Light

Bicycle Light

The bicycle lights are well made and easy to assemble. The headlight is attached to the handlebar with a clamp with a quick release. There are two rubber strips to adapt the holder to handlebars of different thicknesses. When the bicycle headlight is switched on, the sensor function is set. If you press the switch again, you have switched on the brightest level. When the button is pressed a second time, the headlight shines a little less. Three green LEDs indicate the bicycle light charge status of the battery. The light output is enough for me. Both lights can, of course, be charged using the supplied USB cable.

Installation of the bicycle light relatively simple, the sliding mechanism of the lamp on the holder is not particularly durable. Bicycle light dazzles the driver when “standing” on the bike. The light distribution shown looks good – but is not from this lamp. The battery life of bicycle light is max three h (50 lux mode). Even in the presence of light moisture (fog), the bicycle light can no longer be switched on or off or switches on or off automatically.

The bicycle light came charged. I could use them immediately.

  • The battery capacity is completely sufficient for my circumstances.
  • The weaker light level was always sufficient for me.
  • The lights also survived a trip in heavy rain.
  • The charge level indicators are helpful.
  • The light cone consists of a strongly illuminated area a few meters ahead (depending on the mounting on the handlebar), the path between the bike and the front area is less illuminated.


  • Bicycle light LED battery lamp set 30/15 Lux with the LED rear light.
  • LED front light approved valid, with switchable brightness of 30/15 lux.
  • The illumination time of the front light up to 360 minutes, splash-proof switch.
  • Bicycle light LED lighting time up to 15 hours.
  • Battery change indicator, tool-free battery change.
  • Scope of delivery: front and rear lights, brackets (batteries are not included).
  • Ultra-compact design – With a stable, adjustable holder. Because of its compact size, you can take it anywhere. For all handlebars with a diameter of 22-35mm.
  • USB rechargeable – the front light uses a premium Li-ion battery with 1300mAh and an OSRAM LED. The rear light is operated with a 200mAh Li-ion battery and a Cree LED. 3-stage charge indicator with two operating modes – You can plan your bike tour better and select the best model for your lighting depending on requirements.
  • Waterproof, with sidelight and glare protection – Both lamps – front and rear light – correspond to the IPX5 category, i.e., 100% waterproof even in heavy rain. The sidelight also makes them perceptible to cross traffic; oncoming traffic is not dazzled. Improve your safety while cycling.
  • Front light: The front lamp ensures a very good light distribution. There is also sufficient brightness in the edge area. The bracket is stable and of good quality. The automatic mode is not really useful due to only two levels. High and low differ only slightly.

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