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Large, bulky fixed structures are what come to people’s mind when it comes to solar panels. With improve technology, the world is now witnessing a different twist in solar energy, portable, flexible solar panels strong enough to power all types of electronics devices are now readily available.

A compact and flexible solar power system can be a perfect way to become conversant with the use of solar power for those who may not be financially capable or not ready to invest in huge solar power systems. Flexible solar panel kits, widely recognized as portable solar panels, convert the sun’s ray directly into 12-volt electricity. This makes it the perfect technology to charge portable electronic devices and jump-start the batteries of your cars.

A true Portable Solar Panel kits

The battery life and portable energy sources are the most significant aspect of any portable electronics, the lightweight, foldable solar panels are leading the way when going for hiking or embarking on a week-long camping trip, imagine being able to recharge your mobile devices, like laptops, mobile phones, and IPods, whether you are away in the woods, on the sandy beach or even the remotest place in the world you can still have the privilege of spending the whole day with your laptop without running out of power. This is the liberty brought by portable solar power. For many years, many qualified scientists and technicians have been working on creating a portable solar option that could generate enough energy to be useful and yet still be truly portable, and that is precisely what Dokio solar offers.

With the advancement in solar technology, solar panels are now being made thinner and portable by the day. The ability to produce thin-film solar cells-based on copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS), thin films-is the major innovation that led to foldable solar panels. CIGS films are small and versatile, allowing the development of foldable panels that can be carried in a bag, backpack, or even the car trunk. It is now very possible; to take your power source with you everywhere you go. The portability and flexibility of these panels mean they can be placed anywhere, either on a tent, over a rock, or anywhere they can receive sunlight even on cloudy days. They are corrosion resistant because they are made of high tech materials, so there won’t be any need to get worried if they ever get stuck in the rain. Best of all, weighing less than 2.5 kg, these foldable power sources will not constitute a load and not weigh you down in any way.

Flexible solar panels function directly to charge MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other small personal electronics-essentially everything that can be charged with the lighter charging plug of your vehicle. It is wise to invest in a battery storage system if you intend to use it to charge a laptop or another larger computer. The solar panel charges the battery, which, when it needs it, will store enough power to charge your laptop. Sadly, batteries are not yet fully lightweight, but new technology is continually evolving and lightweight batteries are highly probable to be available in the future.

The pursuit of a fully portable source of power has led to solar panels that are foldable. They are flexible, portable, weatherproof, and versatile.  The ‘solar cell deposition’ technique is used to design flexible solar panels. Slim silicon layers which are an excellent conducting component are added to the glass and / or steel in such a device and also embedded in-between is a few laminated parts that give the panel its flexible nature, this allows the silicon to bend, fold and flex.

Flexible panels provide offers great benefits and freedom, these types of solar power panels are made to be even stronger than ever before having received a massive boost in toughness, structures, and preferences!

Flexible solar panels are just that flexible! Due to their ease of use, portability, along with adaptability, these products are typically well-liked. When you want a compact energy source that anyone can bring anywhere, portable solar panels would be the perfect solution.

In addition, flexible power panels are literally portable and can even be folded away or maybe rolled-up during hiking, traveling, and even camping, and also very easily stored.


In the same way as the traditional solar power panels, flexible panels are used in a similar manner. The only difference is that these kinds of flexible styles are normally hassle-free and can be used in a much larger setting as well.

These kinds of solar panels could be set up in homes, carried on vacations, and provide access to electricity any time a power source is simply not obtainable. Problems on trips are minimized by doing this, but there is no question about the power value and source.

These flexible panels can simply fit in the picnic basket or perhaps backpacks. Nevertheless, it is important to note that extreme bending of these panels can damage it, thereby rendering it useless. Though they are water-resistant, they’re not completely water-proof. So they can’t be washed and dried in the machine. Simply wipe with a neat and smooth fabric if the panels get dirty and need to be cleaned.

The solution for charging up your devices should never be out of choice with flexible panels. The Dokio flexible solar panel is one of the most portable solar equipment that can be taken with you wherever you go, and it comes in a series of 80w, 100w, 150w, 200w, 300w Solar Panel Kit depending on the types of gadgets on devices intended to use with the panels.

Still remains one of the most compact solar panels obtainable in the market, by simply unfolding and stretching out the panels to receive the sunlight, this flexible solar panel is ready and easy to use on the go.

When it comes to structure that blends perfectly into the roof, these lightweight solar power panels equally tick that box, in that regards it can equally help save cost and expenditures incurred by roofing shingles.Buy from here

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