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Best Brightest Headlamp

LED mirror headlamp is the brightest headlamp with a high level of sensitivity, low power consumption, long operating life and energy-saving capacity. Led mirror headlamp contains automatic induction, which uses sophisticated PIR sensing technology, automobile switches on when the body goes into the variety of induction and also concerning 15s vehicle turn-off delay time when the body leaves it. Easy setup, no electrical wiring, no screw needed, you can stick it anywhere you desire with adhesive strip & electromagnetic fields. Because of its sophisticating qualities like stick anywhere, automatic induction and electric fields, it’s the best headlamp one must-have.

Induction lead mirror headlamps work on the principle of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge. You do not need electrodes; a magnetic field generates the electron flow. So they do not contain any parts that are susceptible to wear. Induction led mirror headlamps are available in the form of rings and bulbs. All types have an excellent colour rendering of Ra 80-90. Induction lamps are preferably used where lamp replacement is very complex, for example in tunnels, in high industrial halls or outdoor lighting. Lamp and electronic ballast (EVG) form a fixed unit.

Key Features                                                             

  • High brightness, high sensitivity, low power consumption, long life, energy-saving.
  • Automatic induction: With advanced PIR sensor technology, it turns on automatically when the body enters the induction area, and after about 15 seconds, the automatic off delay is set when the body leaves the device.
  • Easy installation, no wiring, no screw required, you can attach it anywhere with tape and magnetic fields.
  • Battery operated: powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Suitable for door, closet, bookcase, wardrobe, closet, basement, Garret, Hotel Closet, safe, tent, trunk, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, corridor etc.
  • Material: stainless steel + acrylic
  • Led mirror headlamp contains light source: LED 2835 chip
  • Available in white colour

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