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Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

The Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger is a combination of natural design. The uniqueness can be expressed by the style of a bonsai tree and lampshade made of real cherry wood. The table lamp is characterized by modern technology and intelligent control. It includes a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and a dimmable touch function. Let yourself be pampered by the various functions of the table lamp. The lamp will intoxicate you with the sound of the music from the Bluetooth speaker in the morning when you get up or in the evening before going to bed, and you can switch off from everyday life by switching on the lamp. You can adjust the brightness individually and at will. In addition, charge your smartphone on the inductive charging pad (Wireless Charging Pad). With the table lamp, you save the accumulation of many cables, because you only need one plug for this lamp with three functions.

The bedside table lamp is ideal as a birthday present, Christmas present, wedding present, etc. Bedside lamp with integrated touch dimmer for individual adjustment of the brightness level. Furthermore, the lamp has a sleep mode. By touching and holding (approx. 3-5 seconds) the touch-field, you activate the sleep mode, whereby the device switches off automatically after 30 minutes.

Top Features

  1. Make your life easier by bedside table lamp energy efficient light and charging.
  2. Simply place your phone on the base of the lamp, and you have both hands free to change, feed, read bed stories, or just cuddle up in your rocking chair.
  3. Compatible with Qi-certified wireless charging smartphones and devices.
  4. The battery has started charging when the LED indicator turns blue. The indicator switches off automatically after 10 seconds.
  5. Charging time may vary due to battery capacity, charge level, age of the battery, and temperature in the area.
  6. The bedside lamp is a combination of natural design (bonsai tree & the housing made of real cherry wood), modern technology, and intelligent control. The LED bedside lamp includes a Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, and a dimmable touch function.
  7. Touching the touch-field enables the brightness to be customized and the night light function to be switched on by long-pressing the touchpad.
  8. Bluetooth speaker: equipped with the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology and have a secure connection, as well as an optimal pairing speed and device compatibility.
  9. Wireless cellphone charging function: compatible with all Qi-compatible cellphones & wireless charging receivers. To achieve quick and successful charging, the smartphone should be placed in the middle of the round charging pad.
  10. This versatile light source for the LED table lamp (table lamp) looks convincing on the coffee table or sideboard in the living room as well as on a bedside table in the bedroom. The lampshade is a natural product, which can have color differences and different structures, so each product is unique.

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