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Automatic Jar Opener

Imagine when you try hard to open any can or jam bottle. We all do the same to open any jar trying hard open with fingers or nails. It’s really painful. But thanks to advancement because we have every on the go. With an automatic jar opener, you can open screw top jars, and the battery powered motor generates the power. This is relatively new! Again and again, it happens that the lid of a preserving jar is particularly tight. Some people have had to put a lot of effort into getting such canned goods. How difficult is this for older people and people with health problems? A glass opener can help. Lid openers are used to open canned jars simply and easily. The variants and designs of the glass openers are diverse. The right product can be found for every need.

Some lid openers have rings that can cover the lid of jars or bottles with screw caps. With the handle, you create a lever effect, and in this way, you can open the glass without difficulty. There are also the lid openers, which are used in a similar way to a lever. As soon as you attach the glass opener to the lid and lift it, you can finally open the lid. No doubt, the automatic jar opener is a lifesaver.

Top Features

There are numerous variants of the lid openers. These often differ in color and design and also in the way they are used.

  • The automatic jar opener is the only thing you have to do: place the device on the lid of the canned glass. As soon as you press the button, the glass can be opened immediately without any effort.
  • The aid for opening glass jars impresses with its high-quality workmanship and weighs only 122 g, which is easy to carry with you. The automatic jar opener is not only useful at home; the opener also proves to be a practical tool in the camping kitchen in the caravan or at home. It is a child’s play to remove lids from single jars without having to use a lot of force. Thanks to its intelligent shape, the opener can be used for all types of lid sizes.
  • The automatic jar opener can be used universally and also removes the lids from tubes or screw caps from wine bottles or bottles with olive oil. Even bottle caps can be easily removed from the bottle. Thanks to a non-slip rubber lip, the glass opener does not allow you to slip when opening. Thanks to the flat and compact design, the product can be stored in the drawer to save space after each use.
  • It can also be used to open canned goods. For this purpose, the opener has a small spike on the tip, which was installed to stand out metal. The metallic lid can then be detached from the can with oscillating movements. The glass opener is rounded off by a powder coating that protects the metal from rust and scratches.

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