Round Electric Furnace

intelligent oil free air fryer

Care for the health of the whole family, less than 80% of the total fried food oil. The round electric furnace ¬†have been exported to Germany, South Korea, Italy products with European CE certification, China 3C certification, quality guaranteed. Preserving an electric system is typically not tiresome and doesn’t call …

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Egg Opener

Best Egg Opener

Have you seasoned bitten on something hard while eating on your egg sandwich or omelet? Well, it happened to me sometimes. When I crack an egg, some parts of the covering are mixed in the egg itself, resulting in the covering being eaten? Fracturing an egg yourself is messy and …

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Bicycle Repair Tool Set

bicycle repair tool kit

The bicycle repair tool set has been tested against industry standards for hardness, torque, surface finish, and usability. It is suitable for all assembly, maintenance, repair projects in the household, or at home office, such as repairing the leaky faucet, hanging picture frames, assembling furniture, tightening bicycle chains, etc. Special …

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Retractable Stool Folding Chair

Folding Stool

The retractable stool folding chair/stool can be adjusted from 6 cm to 46 cm to the desired height as required. Made of high-strength plastic PA66, the cylindrical structure, the narrow connecting buckles, and the non-slip floor ensure a stable position of the stretchable stool for a safe and comfortable sitting. …

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Multifunctional Keychain


On a summer night, it is happy to have a cool beer and chat with your family. But it is terrible not to find the opener. But the multifunctional keychain has it, don’t worry. SIM Card Pin is a tool that you rarely use. But when you need it, it …

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Smart Electric Blanket

smart electric blanket

With the Dream catcher Premium Cotton Xiaomi electric blanket, can leave the cold outside. With heat settings, a timer with automatic switch-off, quick heating, and an additional foot warmth setting and a comprehensive security system. The Xiaomi Smart Electric Blanket has the right function, no matter how cold it comes …

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Heat Resistant Gloves

heat resistant gloves for cooking

In the leisure area, heat resistant gloves are particularly suitable as barbecue gloves. The glove is heat resistant up to 200 degrees, according to the EN 470 standard. When working with extreme temperatures, optimal protection of the body should be guaranteed. Therefore, you should pay attention to an exact fit …

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Magnetic Power Bank

Small Power Bank

The magnetic power bank is small and light – 32 g / piece, which can be carried anywhere in your pocket. One of the best features is, magnetic power can be plugged in a while traveling and even hang on your key chain. No power failure in the emergency room. …

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Portable Quick Cooler

Best Smart Quick Cooler

The smart touch control refrigerator cooler cup takes high-conductivity endothermic die-cast aluminum cold forging blade radiator. It has great heat dissipation aluminum; effectively guarantees lower cooling and cooling efficiency to achieve the best cooling effect. The way of use is quick and easy. After the power is turned on and …

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Portable Vacuum Bottle

Vacuum Bottle

Coffee portable vacuum bottle is lightweight, and the vacuum-insulated mug offers you lukewarm or refreshing drinks. The intelligent use method makes your life easier and more convenient. The portable vacuum bottle for coffee helps you to know the water temperature easily to avoid scalding, control the brewing time for personal …

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