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The air humidifier with additional air washing is significantly more expensive. You can easily fill your tank with water from the top of the air humidifier. The air humidifier is very easy to clean thanks to the design of the filling water tank with a larger opening. The large room humidifier is designed for rooms with a size of up to 50 m² and has a 4.5 liter tank with a strong fog yield of up to 280 ml / h. Thanks to the practical touch control design; you can adjust the fog as required. Do not place the air humidifier directly on wooden furniture, as the wood can be damaged by water. Before using this product, you should put a mat on the wooden furniture.

The cool mist air humidifier relieves dry, itchy skin by ensuring that the humidity in your home is between 40% and 60%. Your skin is moisturized during the dry season. If you put your favorite essential oils in the diffuser, you will enjoy a more relaxing night. 28 dB whisper-quiet operation and sleep-friendly LED light to enable you to sleep better without interference.

Maintaining moisture content between 40% -60% is very important for life since the dry air not only worsens breathing conditions but also leads to bad skin problems. The cool air humidifier humidifies and purifies the air without any safety concerns. The air humidifier creates enveloping mist to help you sleep soundly and peacefully. Children are vulnerable. If a child has a cold, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a humidifier for temporary relief.

Top Features

  • 4.5L LARGE ROOM HUMIDIFIER & TOP FILLING: With a 4.5L water tank and a high fog output of 280 ml / h, this ultrasonic air humidifier can last up to 30 hours. Perfect aroma humidifier for bedrooms, children’s rooms, baby rooms, offices etc. The top opening is large enough to fill water comfortably. (Tips: Please do not pour water into the fog tube.)
  • ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER AROMA DIFFUSER & 3 FOG LEVELS: With an additional aroma nozzle, which can be mixed with essential oil, this ultrasonic air humidifier can also serve as diffuser aromatherapy. Adjustable fog setting: Low / Middle / High. (Tips: Please DO NOT drop the essential oil directly into the water tank).
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The air humidifier is removable and easy to clean. Change the water in the humidifier frequently and fill the clean water as much as possible every day—regularly clean citric acid humidifiers to help prevent mineral and slime buildup.
  • COMFORTABLE SLEEP MODE: If you press and hold the button for 3 seconds, the humidifier bedroom will go into sleep mode. A mode without light and a low fog emission will accompany your sweet dream perfectly. Our baby room humidifier is super quiet with a noise level of only 28 dB.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN & NO LEAKAGE: The air humidifier aroma switches off automatically if the water level in the tank is too low. By using the latest aerosol chips and sealing technology, the water is atomized into extremely tiny fog particles (8 μm).

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