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Water Pump Dispenser Switch

Automatic Electric Portable Water Pump Dispenser Switch

The automatic electric portable water pump dispenser switch is a lifesaver for me. If you travel a lot like me, automatic electric portable water pump dispenser switch is the best option for you. It was always extremely difficult to lift the 18-liter water can and pour out the water. With …

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LED Bulb Flame Fire

LED Bulb

LED bulb Flame lamp simulates natural flame (fire), flickering flame light bulbs, no open flame, safe and energy-saving LED light source. LED bulb flame fire effect light simulates natural flame, no open flame, safe and energy-saving thanks to the LED light source. It has excellent heat dissipation and environmental protection, …

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Portable Fuel Pump

electric fuel pump

The portable/electric fuel pumps are well thought out and also offer numerous customization options. So you can also install this actually portable pump as a petrol pump for a tank system; even if the space conditions are problematic. In addition, adapters can be used for many pump connections (delivery and …

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TDS Meter

Xiaomi TDS Meter

TDS meter designed to test the quality of liquids such as drinking water, aquariums, pools, spas, well water, etc. indoors or on vacation, which can ensure water safety in everyday life. TDS meter gives high-quality accuracy of ph of water. The numbers of the pH meter range from 1.00 to …

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Air Humidifier

Xiaomi Air Humidifier

The air humidifier with additional air washing is significantly more expensive. You can easily fill your tank with water from the top of the air humidifier. The air humidifier is very easy to clean thanks to the design of the filling water tank with a larger opening. The large room …

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Portable Air Compressor

air compressor for cars wheel

The portable air compressor connects the power supply of the car air pump to the 12 V cigarette lighters, connect the inflation hole to the tire air hole, display the reading pressure and set the desired unit and the desired value using the touchscreen. Finally, press the auto air pump …

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Refrigerator Rack Side Shelf

Rack Side Shelf

Wall-mounted refrigerator rack side shelves are used in small and large supermarkets, in convenience stores, kiosks, cafés and petrol stations. Equipped with several adjustable shelves and floor displays, cooling products can be presented in the smallest possible area and at different viewing heights. Professional lighting of the wall cooling shelves …

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Portable Electric Scooter

electric scooter

You can now see portable electric scooter on every street. The modern form of transportation is, therefore, very popular. The portable electric scooter is practical, bring driving pleasure and protect the environment. With a weight of just under 20 kg, the MAX G30D is one of the heavier models on …

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Neck and Shoulder Massager

shoulder massager

If you suffering from neck and shoulder pain then this article is especially for you. You can get rid of neck and shoulder pain with specially designed massager. The neck and shoulder massager can promote local blood circulation and relax local muscles. You can choose all modes according to your …

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Dish Washing Gloves

Gloves for Dish Washing

The innovative and high quality silicone gloves for dish washing are just right for you. Simply put a little washing-up liquid on the gloves, and you’re good to go. With the bristles, you get every plate clean! You will never have stale dishes again. Your children will also love washing …

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